Thursday, September 11, 2008

What in the heck have we been doing???
Since we have been married life has been quite the journey. We spent the first week of our marriage on a cruise enjoying the peace of being away from wedding madness in the Bahamas. In Nassau we we rode a scooter around the whole Island sight seeing, and tyring to spot celebrities. The cruise line also owned their own private island where we went swimming in crystal clear water and relaxed on the white sandy beach. It was amazing and we ate a ton!!! Room service on the ship was the best!!! We had an inner cabin on the ship so we had no windows. For a couple of days the only way we knew the time of day was by the type of food available when we called to order room service. Awesome!!! That's what cruising is all about!!! Our ship docked out of New York City which was convenient because that is where we lived for the summer. We were there so Vince could make his fortune as a security salesman. Although we did not make the fortune we had hoped, the experience of living back east was great. We had the opportunity to see all the sights in New York and enjoy some fine dining. We also went camping, fishing, and white water rafting in Pennsylvania. We were also called (much to our surprise) to be ordinance workers in the Manhattan temple. And trust me, we went every week! We found it amazing that from inside the temple walls we couldn't hear any of the busy city sounds. Another huge highlight of the summer was going to Palmyra to visit the Sacred Grove and watch the Hill Cumorah Pageant.
After the summer fun was over we moved to Salt Lake City where Vince went to LDS Business College. Beth was kind enough to work full time to help put him through. We also gained an addition to the family... Uncle Rob and Aunt Shawna rescued a puppy and gave her to us. Her name is Chloe and she is a Jack Russell terrier... we think. After the school year ended we moved back to Las Vegas and spent the summer working. Beth did Hollywood Kids with her mom and did a great job. The kids love her. Vince sold air conditioners and we both tried to save as much money as possible in order to go to BYU. You probably wouldn't believe that Vince is the one who got accepted...weird. We found a really nice basement apartment in Orem and we both like living in Happy Valley more than we thought we would. Vince walked on to the BYU football team and is a full time student. Beth is working full time again and is paying the tuition. Sugar Momma!!! And Chloe has become an expert at sitting around :-). Life has been very good and we have been blessed in so many different ways.